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Pet Boarding and Grooming


Town & Country Veterinary Clinic is committed to going above and beyond for our patients and clients. Sometimes this means providing more than veterinary treatment, caring for your pet’s other needs as well! We’re proud to offer pet boarding and pet grooming services at our animal hospital in the New River Valley.

Pet Boarding

When you’re traveling and your pet needs a safe place to stay, Town & Country Veterinary Clinic is here for you! We provide comprehensive pet boarding services, complete with 24-hour surveillance from highly-trained staff and veterinarians. Some of the boarding amenities which set our animal hospital apart from other local boarding facilities include:

  • Staff and doctors on site overnight
  • Veterinarian-supervised
  • Separate boarding areas for dogs and cats
  • Administration of any medications that your pet regularly takes
  • Pick up and drop off times available outside regular hospital hours
  • Leash walks given 4x daily in our outdoor run and grassy area behind the hospital
  • Option of additional playtime throughout the day, depending on your pet’s activity level and exercise needs
    • This time can also be used for walking, brushing, or cuddling
  • Purina Gastroenteric Diet (EN) food provided
    • Except in cases where pets are on special diets, owners are asked to provide food
  • Fortiflora administration
    • A pet probiotic is given to guests to help prevent stress-related stomach upset which often occurs when pets are in an unfamiliar setting
  • Evening frozen treats for dogs and catnip for cats
  • Bathing and grooming services available for guests
  • Soft music to evoke a peaceful atmosphere for all guests

Our team makes every effort to ensure that your pet is comfortable and happy at our animal hospital. To make sure that nothing important is misplaced, we ask that you do not bring personal effects, such as toys or blankets, from home, allowing us to provide for your pet’s needs.

Please note that our boarding facility books up quickly during peak travel times around holidays and in the summer. Be sure to inform us of your travel plans as early as possible so that we can make sure your pet’s reservation is set. Contact us for scheduling!

Vaccine and Preventive Requirements for Boarding and Grooming Guests

The kennels are all air-conditioned, heated, and well-ventilated to keep your pet healthy. All pets are required to be current on all vaccinations while boarding. The kennel facilities are cleaned several times daily with safe disinfectants.

However, boarding a pet comes with some inherent health risks. Just like a child going to school, your pet will be in close contact with other animals and could get sick. Kennel cough is the most common respiratory infection that dogs may contract while boarding. Cats can contract respiratory tract infections as well. Similar to the human cold, kennel cough can cause coughing and discharge from the eyes and nose. Most dogs and cats require no treatment for kennel cough, but some may need antibiotics or cough suppressants. Please call the clinic should your pet exhibit any of these clinical signs after boarding.

Stress-related stomach/bowel problems, such as vomiting and diarrhea, are very common in a boarding pet. Whether due to stress, diet change, or a combination of both, some pets may exhibit these signs during or after being boarded. While most dogs and cats do not require any specific treatment and symptoms should resolve quickly on their own, please contact the clinic if you are concerned about your pet.


  • Rabies
  • Intestinal parasite exam (every 6 months)
  • Appropriate flea/tick preventive 


  • Bordetella (injectable, intranasal)
  • Rabies
  • Influenza
  • Intestinal parasite exam (every 6 months)
  • Appropriate flea/tick preventive

BoardingGrooming2Pet Grooming

When your pet is in need of a new look, our pet grooming department has got you covered! On-site professional groomers are available to provide convenient, full-service dog and cat grooming for both medical and cosmetic needs.  Having your pet professionally groomed accomplishes more than just making your pet’s coat look nice and shiny. Our groomers work closely with our veterinarians, alerting them to any issues that may be observed with your pet’s skin or coat during their grooming treatment.  Ear cleaning, nail clipping and anal gland expression are included in the bathing and grooming fee. Extra charges may be added for matted coats, medicated shampoos, flea treatments, overgrown coats, and challenging patients which require additional time and/or sedation.  Medicated baths and de-skunking baths are available as well.

We recommend that new puppies get groomed at 12 to 16 weeks of age to get the puppy used to the bath, ear cleaning, a minor trim/groom, and nail trim.  The length of time between grooming sessions depends on the breed of dog, but we recommend every 8-10 weeks as a general rule.

What about cats?  They like to be clean too.  Having your cat professionally bathed and groomed keeps the skin and coat healthy and greatly decreases the occurrence of problem hairballs.  Grooming also keeps your cat’s hair matt-free.

Prior to grooming, all dogs must have an annual DHLPP and Bordetella Booster and a current Rabies vaccine. All cats should have an annual FVRCP Booster and a current Rabies vaccine.  Appointments are necessary and may be combined with a doctor’s visit if requested in advance.  Professional, experienced groomers are available to speak to you about your pet’s specific needs. Grooming appointments are available Monday through Friday.  Bathing appointments can be scheduled 7 days a week.

Pet grooming services we provide at our animal hospital include:

  • Bathing
  • Breed cuts
  • De-shedding shampoos and conditioners that work with the FURminator treatment
  • Ear cleaning
  • Expression of anal glands
  • FURminating
  • Sanitary trims
  • Nail trims and filing

If you have questions about our pet grooming services or would like to schedule grooming service for your pet, please contact our team.