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Online Tools:  Accessing Online Pharmacy & Pet Records

OnlineToolsVetSource: Your Pet’s Online Pharmacy

Town and Country Veterinary Clinic is happy to offer Vetsource Online Veterinary Pharmacy for our clients. Vetsource offers reliable, affordable, and authentic Vet-VIPPS certified pharmacy products such as heartworm prevention, prescription medications, specialty pharmaceuticals, and exceptional nutrition products. With automatic and free shipping, you can order at your convenience, ensuring regular scheduled deliveries when you need it. To sign up, click the link below or email tcvckaitlynnp@yahoo.com.

ePetHealth: Your Pet’s Online Records


ePetHealth is a free service offered by Town and Country Veterinary Clinic which allows pet owners to enroll in an online account with 24/7 accessibility to medical records. This makes communication with us easy and convenient! Below are some frequently asked questions we thought would help you understand this new online service:


  1. What is ePetHealth?
    ePetHealth enables clients to perform tasks such as requesting a prescription refill or an annual physical exam appointment directly from any electronic device.
  1. What is the cost of this service?
    As a Town and Country Veterinary Client, it is FREE!
  1. OnlineTools2What is included with the ePetHealth program?

    Some of the many services include appointment reminders, pet birthday cards, and even monthly coupons! You will start receiving these without having to do anything to get them started. Other services require you to login to your ePetHealth account by visiting www.epethealth.com or clicking through the button on our site. Once you have logged in, you can do the following:

▪ Request a medical appointment
▪ Request a boarding reservation
▪ Request a grooming appointment
▪ Request a prescription refill
▪ Look at your pet’s vaccination record
▪ Look at your pet’s medication record
▪ Look at your pet’s reminders of services
▪ Setup medication dosing reminders via e-mail

  1. Once I make a request, does that mean my request has been finalized? Is my prescription ready for pick up?
    Not quite. Requests are received 24/7, input into our system as a prescription refill, and when ready, we will phone or email you to confirm. When you enter your request, include how you want us to contact you to confirm (ie, phone, email, fax). Please allow 24 hours for a refill request to be verified.
  1. What if I have trouble using the ePetHealth page?
    Adding frustration to your already busy life is not something we want to do. We are very enthusiastic about assisting our clients in getting things done for their pets in an easier way. If you need any assistance at all, please email tcvckaitlynnp@yahoo.com. We are happy to help walk you through it. We think you will love this new feature our clinic offers!
  1. What do I need to do to get started using the ePetHealth Page?
    Two things:
    1. Call or email us to make sure we have your correct email address on record in our veterinary system. 2. After 24 hours of giving us your correct e-mail address, go to www.tcvccares.com, click on the ePetHealth button at the bottom of the Home Page. You can directly log in using your email address; or you can go to FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) for help.